ISO: The Book

by Long Xi Vlessing

“I call you in earnest,
and you pick up every time”

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For nearly a year from the summer of 2020 to early 2021, I undertook the process of remotely photographing individuals over FaceTime and video chat in isolation. ISO is an exploration of this isolation, as well as searching, gratitude, bitterness, domestic space and youth; it’s an endeavour in defining a nexus of emotion, and a snapshot of things laid bare by time. It’s a photo book, a collective document, and a journal. The book features photographs of and written contributions from twenty-seven individuals— some longtime friends, some who I spoke to for the very first time.

140 page perfect-bound book
7'' x 10''
emblem set in golden foil
Final limited copies.

self published, 2021
Printed in Coquitlam, BC

ISO has entered into the online repository of the Emily Carr University of Art and Design’s library, the inaugural collection of the Lasalu Art Library, and has been exhibited as part of the British Columbia Quarantine Qapsule project. Limited copies are available at Canton-sardine gallery in Vancouver.